as a non-profit humanitarian foundation, registered in Armenia since 2000, is engaged in health and social services, education and arts projects. A particular focus is the Berlin polyclinic for mother and child established in Gyumri after the 1988 earthquake thanks to the donations of the population of Berlin, Germany. Notably, our efforts intertwine with the Berlin Art Hotel in Gyumri, fostering a unique synergy between art, hospitality, and social responsibility. Part of the income generated by Berlin Art Hotel goes to support the clinic, ensuring continued access to vital healthcare services for the community.

at Berlin Art Hotel in Gyumri is a unique space where every room and hall showcases the incredible talent of local artists. As you wander through the hotel, you'll encounter a diverse array of artworks, each telling its own story and adding to the vibrant atmosphere of creativity. From paintings to sculptures, every corner is a celebration of Gyumri's rich artistic heritage.The gallery is open not only for guests staying overnight but also for other city visitors.

offers guided tours, transportation and accommodation assistance for travelers exploring the Shirak region. With knowledgeable local guides and comfortable transportation options, we ensure memorable experiences tailored to your interests. Tours can be booked at Berlin Art Hotel reception or through our travel company's website. Let us help you discover the rich history, culture and natural beauty of Gyumri and its surroundings.

center of German-speaking cultures: located within Berlin Art Hotel's library, ARTbogen offers guests a selection of books in German, Armenian and English. This cultural hub has flourished over the years thanks to the support of the "Für Armenien" foundation. Through collaboration, we have cultivated a diverse community of friends from Armenia and German-speaking countries, including language specialists, poets, artists, musicians and archaeologists. As the demand for a center dedicated to German-speaking cultures grew, ARTbogen emerged as a vital space for fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.


Embrace the spirit of Germany in our charming beer garden, where the ambiance is as refreshing as the drinks we serve. From spring till late autumn, bask in the outdoor setting, enjoying our selection of local brews. During colder weather season, our hospitality extends indoors. Guests can retreat to the cozy confines of "Franz Schubert" restaurant, indulging in hearty Armenian dishes crafted from fresh, local ingredients. Alternatively, unwind with a drink at "Jeans" bar. No matter the season, Berlin Art Hotel promises an unforgettable food experience.

situated atop Berlin ART Hotel Gyumri, is a tourist hub and café born from the hotel's partnership with the EU4Business "Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD)" project. Offering multilingual assistance, modern amenities and eco-friendly practices, ROOF25 serves as a convenient stop for travelers exploring Gyumri's rich history. Virtual tours, augmented reality features and interactive maps provide innovative ways to experience the city. Part of the EU4Business program, ROOF25 embodies a fresh approach to Gyumri's heritage and culture.

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